Welcome to the Australian Colon Health Association

Formed in 2000, ACHA is Australia's first colon hydrotherapy association dedicated to the full spectrum of colon health, an area of health receiving much attention from health specialists across the globe, as statistics for colon related disease increases. Colon cancer alone for example, is responsible for approximately 4,000 deaths in Australia every year and 8,500 new cases diagnosed annually.


ACHA focuses on the closed sytem of colon hydrotherapy, which correlates more to hygiene practices expected and existing in established medical institutions, and which allows the water used in the treatment to be contained, and used in a more therapeutic way.


We support colon therapists using the closed method of colon hydrotherapy. We work to bring to the general public a greater awareness of colon health. We set educational and professional standards within a rapidly growing colon health industry.


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